We're building a retrofittable solution to stop our cities from polluting our rivers.

Polluted Runoff enters the drainage network every time it rains. This end’s up in our rivers untreated.
The Problem
30% of all ocean pollution is mobilised by surface water runoff, making it the single largest mobiliser of city pollution into the environment. When it rains, debris of human activity washes away from our impervious built environment and roads. With toxicity comparable to sewage, this runoff is a cocktail of road, tyre, and brake wear, microplastics, toxic hydrocarbons, heavy metals, pathogens etc. and is discharged into water bodies untreated, damaging aquatic ecosystems and human health.

30% of all particulate pollution in our water bodies is mobilised by road-runoff from weather events.

Guerrilla – The Solution

Guerrilla is a retrofittable device enabling roadside drains to capture runoff pollution, without using membranes, electricity or moving parts.

It is versatile and works with various sized existing roadside drains as an array of individual units which can independently perform efficient separation without reducing the throughput capabilities of the roadside drain.

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Awards and Exhibitions

  • Ofwat Water Discovery Challenge :: Finalists 2023
  • WEInnovate 2023 – Second Prize :: 2023 cohort hosted by Imperial Enterprise Lab
  • London Mayor’s Entrepreneurship Challenge 2023 :: Winner (Environment Track)
  • Undaunted; Greenhouse Accelerator Programme 2023 :: Cohort 5
  • Innovation RCA :: Patent Support Programme Winners
  • Work In Progress Show at the Royal College of Art :: February 2023
  • Spring Show at Imperial College London :: February 2023
  • Dubai Design Week :: October 2023

The Team

Headshot of Summer

Summer Chen

Co-founder & COO

Adhesh Shenoy

Co-founder & CEO

Hunaid Nagaria

Product Lead

Advisory Board


Jo Bradley

Stormwater Shepherds


Dr. David Eckhoff

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